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Fit or Fat ?

My first ever food render actually - got the idea after thumbing through a magazine whilst in a doctor's waiting room...

As well as the finished composition I've included the full separate renders plus a couple of clays with neutral lighting.

Doughnut scan from _blank Repository - other models were purchased, apart from the rock salt and the micro hairs on the leading tomato stalk which I modeled in Cinema 4D . I also made some custom textures from the ground up in Substance Designer for the tomato skin.

In KeyShot I made heavy use of the Translucent (Advanced) material for both the tomatoes and doughnuts.

I forgot to add, the arrangement of both tomatoes and doughnuts were done using MoGraph Dynamics in Cinema 4D

Curves adjust and floating dust particles added in Photoshop

John seymour fitorfat
John seymour doughnuts
John seymour tomatoes
John seymour doughnuts clay
John seymour tomatoes clay