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Octane Render Set I

Lighting and material tests with Octane Render.
No postwork as such, all tone mapping done 'in render'.
This is my first time using this render engine, so I'm still feeling things out pretty much :)
I love the spectral Physical sky system, very beautiful results, all the scattering and diffraction effects are rendered, again, no postwork.
The beach/shell image is almost entirely displacement, lit with the physical sky system and rendered with a developer build of Octane that supports lens shapes (hence the hexagonal bokeh) and adaptive sampling for path tracing which intelligently focuses attention on the more 'noisy' areas of the image. It rendered in just over 3 minutes on dual GeForce GTX 980 Ti's.

Sunglasses and Jelly Chairs from Dimensiva.
Nikon Camera from Model+Model.

Thanks for looking

John seymour shell adaptivesamp hexagonalbokeh
John seymour nikoncamera1
John seymour jellychairs
John seymour wayfarers
John seymour woodenlegs1a
John seymour riverstones 16 9